CardiAMP Cell Therapy

The investigational CardiAMP™ Cell Therapy is designed to be a comprehensive biotherapeutic heart failure solution, incorporating:

  •  a proprietary molecular diagnostic to characterize the potency of a patient’s own bone marrow cells and determine if they are an optimal candidate for therapy
  •  a point of care processing platform to prepare cells at the patient’s bedside
  •  an optimized therapeutic formulation that builds on the total experience in the cardiac stem cell field to-date
  •  a proprietary interventional delivery system that easily navigates a patient’s vasculature to securely deliver the specific dosage of cells in a routine cardiac catheterization procedure

CardiAMP Cell Therapy Procedure

Day 1: Mini bone marrow aspirate (~ 1 tablespoon) of patient’s bone marrow cells from their hip bone.  Aspirate sent to BioCardia CLIA laboratory partner.  BioCardia’s proprietary molecular diagnostic assay identifies patients with potent cell characteristics using an In Vitro Diagnostic Multi Indexed Assay.

Day 3 or after: If assay positive, patient presents for 1-hour treatment in cardiac catheterization lab:

                                    Small bone marrow aspirate ( ~4 tablespoons) ~15 minutes                                                      
                                    Cells minimally processed and concentrated into proprietary dosage 
                                    Cells delivered using proprietary Helix Transendocardial Delivery System 
                                    Patient discharged same day or after overnight stay

In both the Phase I clinical trial of 20 patients (the TABMMI trial)  and Phase II randomized placebo-controlled trial of 30 patients (the TACHFT-BMC Trial) CardiAMP cells demonstrated an excellent safety profile in heart failure patients treated at two dosages.  There have been no incidences of treatment-emergent major adverse cardiac events.   The Phase II results from TACHFT-BMC support efficacy relative to patient quality of life and functional capacity, which was shown to be both statistically and clinically significant. The FDA has approved us to begin enrollment of patients in our CardiAMP Phase 3 pivotal, pre-commercial trial using a patient's own cells, administered in the cardiac catheterization lab directly into the heart muscle in cases of serious heart failure following a prior heart attack. The trial is expected to begin in approved centers in late 2016 or early 2017.

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