We realize that our success as a company depends on the experience, talents and hard work of our team members. 

 Our Values
  • Our mission is to develop and enhance therapies to treat cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Our number one priority is patient safety.
  • We care deeply, work fearlessly, and change lives. We take the responsibility of the trust physicians and their patients place in us seriously and it is something that we earn each and every day.
  • We work with a sense of urgency in a competitive world with limited resources at our disposal. We understand that time is money. We plan and iterate our plans continuously to enhance our efficiency and focus. We encourage brainstorming, but execution of plans are rewarded.
  • We are data driven and challenge assumptions. We address the elephants in the room. We admit our mistakes and share lessons learned. We preserve the right to change our mind. We are persistently curious and humbled by what there is left to learn. We communicate with passion and clarity.
  • We seek to contribute to and own technological advances, product designs, and the relationships with our customers writ broadly.
  • We expect and strive to inspire the best in everyone in mind, body, and soul. We value our relationships and are positive, respectful, and open minded. We recognize the importance of family. We provide service and support to our communities as an organization and as individuals.
  • We celebrate our accomplishments regularly and aim to have fun every day
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biocardia takes a new and comprehensive
approach to heart failure

By introducing patient screening and highly-efficient delivery to stem cell therapy, the company seeks to increase the likelihood of treatment success, enabling more patients to return to the things they love.