Jeff Emery, Ph.D. - VP, Development

Dr. Emery has served as our Vice President, Development since May 2017 and is responsible for device product research & development. He was previously Vice President of R&D with Benvenue Medical, where he led teams to launch and commercialize spinal implant and minimally invasive instrument platforms in the US and EU. Prior to that, he led the development of the core technology behind a novel integrated blood glucose sensor for Intuity Medical and invented novel catheter platforms for crossing chronic total occlusions at LuMend. He also expanded the medical device consulting practice at Exponent, Inc. and engineered novel instrumentation for NASA’s life science division. Dr. Emery earned his Ph.D. in bioengineering at University of California, San Diego as a Whitaker Fellow and bachelor degree in biomedical engineering at Tulane University, summa cum laude. He holds over 25 patents and has numerous publications in the biomedical literature.


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biocardia takes a new and comprehensive
approach to heart failure

By introducing patient screening and highly-efficient delivery to stem cell therapy, the company seeks to increase the likelihood of treatment success, enabling more patients to return to the things they love.